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Zombae Brando Posters

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Zombae Brando likes to explore the world of cinema through the lens of the 70's/80's Grindhouse era. The gorgeously painted posters. The vibrant color schemes. The character heavy designs. Hence the birth of Zombae Brando Design. Created by Brandon Ingraham and assisted by his husband Hunter Ingraham, Zombae Brando Design hopes to rekindle film fans’ interest in the dying art of the movie poster!

11x17 Poster printed on heavyweight stock in black frame
Mixed Media piece; combination of hand drawn elements and digital design.

Legal Disclaimer:
*Zombae Brando Design does not claim ownership to any character or property represented in the artwork for sale by Zombae Brando Design, only to the designs created. IPs represented belong to all original owners, these works are artistic interpretations*