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Zodiac Collection - Incense Sticks

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In the box:  

13 sticks of hand-dipped premium quality incense

All of my incense sticks are hand-dipped and made in devilishly delectable scents concocted by me! I use only the best quality fragrance oils made specifically for burning safely. 

Please burn incense with care and at your own risk. Place incense stick into an appropriate burner on a heat resistant surface. Light tip of stick, allow flame to catch, then gently blow out. Never leave burning incense unattended. Keep out of reach of children. Do not eat. Enjoy! 

Choose from: 

Aries: Burning Sage, Dragonsblood, Cinnamon

Taurus: White Lilies, Honeysuckle Nectar, Crushed Thyme 

Gemini: Lily of the Valley, Dried Lavender

Cancer: Rose Petals, Lemon Rind, Eucalyptus

Leo: Nutmeg, Vanilla Bean, Heliotrope

Virgo: Black Tea Leaves, Sweet Narcissus

Libra: Sweet Pea, Galbanum, Catnip 

Scorpio: Benzoin Resin, Ginger, Gardenia

Sagittarius: Daffodils, Sage, Cinnamon

Capricorn: Musk, Sandalwood, Vervain 

Aquarius: Dried Lavender, Galbanum, Paper 

Pisces: Cypress Knees, Gardenia Blossoms, Galbanum

You can also request any of our Custom Scented products in any of the Zodiac Scents!