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Alyssa Hazel

Pleasant Little Moments (The Twitching Light Trilogy) By Alyssa Hazel

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A Chicken's Revenge. The Memorial for the Last Dragon on Earth. A Puppy's Resurrection. Losing that Last Inch.

Pleasant Little Moments is a collection of short stories focused on the Bizarre, Macabre, Hopeful, and Horrific 'moments' which end, rend, and sometimes mend the lives of those who own them. From the death of a mutual friend bringing broken hearts together, to a Necromancer's search for a companion, to a luggage swap from Hell, there is no end, except in the literal sense, to the weirdness to explore. Get ready to ask, "What ever happened to Necromancy the way God intended?" as we step into Pleasant Little Moments.

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By local author Alyssa Hazel


Alyssa Hazel is a poet, writer, and cat mom who enjoys exploring the weird, wonky, and wonderful through her work. Her pieces have found homes in Bluestem, the Red Coyote, and the Dark River Review. Her Books include: Twitching Light (2019) and Pleasant Little Moments (2021), and Stress Fractures (October 2022).