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Andy Nunez

Ghosts of the Eastern Shore I - by Andy Nunez

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Ghosts of the Eastern Shore I - by Andy Nunez

A 2005 Gallup poll indicated 32% of Americans believed in Ghosts. Television shows
and movies with ghosts are on the increase, but what about the Eastern Shore?
Lifelong resident Andy Nunez takes you along as he visits the gloomy mansions
and overgrown graveyards of the Delmarva Peninsula in his third book on the Eastern
Shore. Encounter spirits good and bad, seen and unseen, from Queen’s Anne’s
County in Maryland all the way to Northhampton County in the South. From Cambridge
to Dagsboro, the ghost stories are there. Loaded with photos and original
artwork, Ghosts of the Eastern Shore is your top reference for haunted happenings
in the tricounty area. These are not just warmed over retellings. In most cases, they
are told by the actual eyewitnesses. Your journey into the unknown starts here.