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Ghosts 3 of the Eastern Shore

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Signed copy by local author Andy Nunez 


Andy Nunez pulls back the curtain once more into the land of unquiet dead. Now, it’s not
just stories handed down from generation to generation, or spooky old haunted houses and
graveyards, but this time, the ghosts are here, in the present, manifesting all up and down the
Eastern Shore.
Andy takes us along as he explores haunts old and new, familiar and bizarre, with fresh
stories to make you keep the lights on at night as things do more than go bump. Ghostly
riders, hounds from Hell, and undead who have a sick fascination with the living, all are
waiting within.
Ghost hunters, psychics and everyday people come face to face with the unknown and
the unnameable. But be warned, the spirits here are both good and evil, and some don’t
want you to leave — ever…