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Devil's Claw Seeds / Unicorn Plant

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Devil's Claw Seeds / Unicorn Plant - VERY SHARP!! 

these natural botanicals are used in many different cultures, such as American Folk Magic, Hoodoo, Native American traditions, and more.  

Devil’s Claw Plant Info:

Devil’s claw (Martynia annua) is native to the southern United States. It is so-called because of the fruit, a long, curved horn with pointed ends.

What is devil’s claw? The plant is part of a small genus called Martynia, of tropical to subtropical species, all of which bear a curved or beaked fruit that splits into two hemispheres shaped like claws.

Devil’s claw plant info includes its other colorful names: unicorn plants, grappleclaw, rams’ horn, and double claw. They are easy to start from seed inside, but the plants grow best outdoors once they establish.

What is Devil’s Claw? The plant’s family is Proboscidea, likely because the pods may also resemble a large nose. Devil’s claw is a sprawling plant with slightly hairy leaves, much like a pumpkin. There are two main varieties. One is an annual with triangular leaves and white to pink blooms with mottled corollas. The yellow flowering type of devil’s claw is a perennial plant but has much the same characteristics. It also boasts hairy stems with a slightly sticky texture. The seed pod has a feral quality and tends to stick to pant legs and animal fur, transporting the seeds to new locations that are appropriate for growing Proboscidea devil’s claw.