Art Gallery

Blackwater Apothecary
Art Gallery 

Call for artists!  Blackwater Apothecary is looking for local to the Salisbury MD area artists interested in displaying their work for sale.  In an effort to support our area's artists, we are offering a low monthly gallery rental rate and 0% commission fees. 
Visual art of all kinds will be considered including but not limited to: paintings, prints, sculpture, mixed media, ceramic art, et cetera. Artwork must be appropriate and ready to be sold. All finished canvases for hanging and any prints packaged or framed.Two-dimensional artwork is preferred so that it can be hung on the walls of the gallery space. Consideration will be made for three-dimensional artwork that may require additional shelving.

Artwork will be seen by customers passing through our building during our regular business hours, as well as during our other events and offerings. If time allows, we plan to host gallery shows when we are safely able to do so.

     All artwork submitted will be considered for submission to the gallery. Artists may submit an unlimited amount of artwork under the condition that all artwork may not be approved for display. Approval is at the sole discretion of Blackwater Apothecary.  Submission must go through the google form provided here:

Important info:
  • Gallery space is offered at a low monthly rental fee.
  • Artists are encouraged to change out their art once per month to have a changing & evolving space. It is not required to change after one month, but it is enforced after three months. We want you to sell things! 
  • There is 0% consignment cost. 100% of the artist’s retail price will be paid to them once monthly through their preferred method of payment.  
  • Retail prices must be approved by Blackwater Apothecary. 
  • Work should remain displayed in the gallery for a minimum of 30 days, unless there are extenuating circumstances requiring the artist to remove the work. 

The Gallery Space: 

We’ve sectioned off wall space into individual galleries as follows:

Gallery 1:  Featured Artist - 54” x 62” 

This space is reserved for our monthly Featured Artist. Each month we will be choosing a different artist to display their work free!

Gallery 2: 66” x 62” - Monthly Rental Fee: $30.00

Gallery 3: 36” x 62” - Monthly Rental Fee: $30.00

Gallery 4: 96” x 62” - Monthly Rental Fee:  $40.00

Gallery 5: 36” x 62” - Monthly Rental Fee: $30.00

Gallery 6: 120” x 62” - Monthly Rental Fee: $50.00
Gallery 7: 84” x 62” - Monthly Rental Fee: $40.00 

Gallery 8: 96” x 62” - Monthly Rental Fee: $40.00

Gallery 9: 56” x 62” - Monthly Rental Fee: $30.00

Gallery 10: Bump Out Small Sections: 108” x 62” Monthly Rental Fee: $45.00
Gallery 11: 37” x 62” - Monthly Rental Fee: $30.00

Galleries 11-20: coming soon.